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Families can be assured of a successful liquidation and professional service!

No mater the location, whether it is big or small, easy or hard to find, I manage to be successful at every sale and it depends specifically on the contents being sold.

JR's Antiques and Estate Sales
JR's Antiques and Estate Sales

When I come to view the house or business, I not only have to look at what is there and what is leaving, but also where the area is geographically.  I perform three jobs at once; detective, appraisal, and PR/marketing.  I want each sale to bring forth the best that the sale can do.  Sometimes that means fitting the family's plan into the calendar and figuring what else may be going on at the same time.  Nothing is overlooked.

For the family, this is also a very emotional time and some may not be able to deal with this change.  My job is to simply explain the procedures and how it will happen and what the best possible approach to take for the family.  When I come to evaluate the situation, please understand that due to all  kinds of unknown issues, this viewing may take a bit of time.  I encourage the family not to be around the days of the sale.  Memories and emotions due to the loss of a loved one or a family member moving, can put great strain on anyone.  We work very well with families and can assure them a successful liquidation and professional service!

Fees & Expenses

JR's Antiques and Estate Sales
  • The estate pays for customary costs for advertising.  Advertising costs are kept to a minimum​.  Depending on the type of merchandise for sale, we will determine the most effective way to attract buyers.

  • With the needs of each client being different, there is no set fee.  I start with a commission of 40% that can be adjusted depending on several factors.

    • The size of the sale.  The fee can be brought down by having a larger sale.

    • Adjustments can be made for cleaning costs

JR's Antiques and Estate Sales
Estate Sales in Northern Colorado
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