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The process begins with emptying the house or business of furnished goods.  Then I go through and find any and all sellable items.  I like to tell the families/business owners that it is sort of a "destroy the village, to save the village" thing.  All sellable items will be gone through to establish an estimate.  Once this is done, all items are sorted and displayed for optimal view of the public showing.  If needed things will be polished and cleaned.  Last is the pricing of the items.  After everything is in place and priced then the most important part of the process begins, selling your items!

Estate Sales & Business Liquidation

What we do

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Any location, big or small estate/business, I manage to be successful at every sale.  For every family each sale is different and depends specifically on the contents being sold.  When I come to view the sale items I preform three jobs at once; detective, appraiser, and marketer.  I want to make the sale successful for the family/business.  This means careful planning and scheduling; fitting the family/business owners plans into the calendar of events to come.  Nothing is overlooked!  Understanding that this can be a very emotional time for a family or business owner and that these changes can be difficult and stressful, I strive to take into consideration the sentiment of your valuables .  My job is to explain the procedures and make this a positive experience for everyone involved.  I also ask for patients, due to unknown issues that may arise, the initial viewing can take some time to complete.  During estate sales usually encourage family not be around the day of the sale because of the sentimental and emotions from the loss of loved ones can be highly stressful.  My crew and I work very well with families and can assure you a successful liquidation and professional service every time!

How it's done

Fees & Expenses

The part you have been waiting for!  What does is cost to liquidate?  Every sale is different and therefore it's hard to set a price for fees and expenses that may occur.  I start at 35% commission, this may be adjusted due to certain circumstances. The estate/business is responsible for all advertising and this varies depending on the exposure you are looking for.  There are many options available and we can tailor the marketing to your needs and market available.  I tend to be frugal in this area and work on keeping costs as low as possible, we can work on this together!

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