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Betty Rohn and Elaine Oster are Jim's mother and aunt respectively.  They have spent many years collecting and selling.  Elaine does some purchasing of items on EBay and is an observer of many collectable fields.

Betty enjoys working at the estate sales and often helps by being cashier.

Elaine will usually serve as a "runner", during the sales, helping people out with their purchases.

Vintage Coca-Cola Cooler

Still have the box it came in!

Unique Pieces

Find that item you have been searching for

Fine & Costume Jewelry

Large selection of Jewelry both

fine & costume

Beautiful Hob Nail Glass

The store has a large variety of glassware

Jim Rohn has owned & operated JR's Antiques & Etc... in Ault, Colorado for 15 Years.  He has been in the antique business

for over 21 years.  The store includes books, fine & costume jewelry, glassware, crystal, pottery, porcelain and much more!  He also has unique items, and collectors items

(see the photos below; a Coca-Cola cooler in superb condition).  Jim has spent countless hours learning his craft and is accomplished in the fields of antiques and collectables.  Come see Jim, he just may have that special item you have been looking for!

JR's Antiques & Etc.

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